Maharashtra Metal Works Pvt Ltd.

Maharashtra metal works has been in the business of manufacturer and exporter of tin cans, Aerosol tin cans and HDPE plastic bottles since the past 30 years and is being managed by versatile directors of our company Mr. Sokat Vasaya and Nissar Vasaya. We use tin cans metal, which is the most sustainable metal in the environment to recycle. Our raw materials sourced locally. Hence we are promoting the 'Make In India' concept. The very same way the HDPE bottles and cans are also environmentally friendly, hence doing the good to the society by manufacturing with recyclable products and not polluting the environment. We also believe in quality being our priority and we do not compromise with it. We are authorized manufacturer and exporter Tin Cans, Oil tin Cans, Gas tin Cans, Adhesive tin Cans, Decorative tin Cans, Flatten tin Cans and Food tin Cans in Mumbai, India and all over the world.

Our Products